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Furniture Upholstery

A beloved family heirloom or the very first chair you ever bought…our pieces of furniture tell stories of our past and create focal points in our homes.

And while it would be nice if that chair or lounge suite you love always remained free of dirt and scuffs, the reality is that it doesn’t take long for them to have that ‘lived in’ look about them.

Dogs, children and just years of sitting in the sunshine near a window, all take their toll on fabric, leather and vinyl furniture.

Whether you have a retro orange novelty chair from the sixties or a grand old wingback armchair that’s been passed from generation to generation in your family, our team of chair doctors will breathe new life into your prized possession.

With a great range of styles and fabrics, as well as great ideas and inspiration, Robert the Chair Doctor will give you the best advice on what is needed to bring your chair up to scratch, then supply you with an obligation free quote and estimate of time needed to complete the restoration.

All our work comes with a warranty and we use and recommend some of the world’s best brands of fabrics and fabric treatments.

So for excellent customer service and quality workmanship, just entrust your chair or lounge suite to the friendly team at Robert the Chair Doctor!

Finding out more about refurbishing your chair or lounge suite is easy…simply give our friendly team a call ask the furniture specialists!